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October 7, 2017

The Old Schoolhouse
Newberg, OR


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If mailing a gift, please send to:

4720 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR 97213

Our Story

Luke and I are the epitome of ORU missed connections. We actually met when we were at Oral Roberts University's Honors Retreat freshman year. We knew who each other were but weren't really friends. But man, did I want to be Luke Chinworth's friend. Missed Connection #1. Finally Senior Year, we both went on a backpacking trip to New Mexico that was connected to my health class and we officially became friends. Just friends. Missed Connection #2. We saw each other around more after that and would eat at the same table here and there until the end of the year rolled around and I wanted to ask Luke to be my date to my floor's end-of-the-year banquet. Luke and I still didn't know each other quite that well though, so I went to ask a second opinion and one girl that knew Luke better than I did said definitely not to ask him to banquet. I asked someone else. Missed connection #3. A few weeks later, just before graduation, Luke and I ended up eating together in SAGA by ourselves by chance. We discovered that we were both staying in Tulsa after graduation. "Maybe we'll see each other then," we said. We didn't. Missed connection #4.

Flash forward. Luke decided to change career paths and take a chance on code school in Portland. I decided to try travel nursing for a year, one of the goal stops being Portland. Luke found me out of the blue at the church we both went to (and never talked to each other at) and told me his plans. "Maybe I'll see you there if you're still there in a year when I visit," I said. We did. I actually ended up working a little south of Portland and getting there a little later than planned. But I got in contact with Luke while I was there and (both excited to see a familiar face) we made plans to meet up. Our "coffee" plans turned into hanging out for 6 hours. We decided to see each other again. And again. It turns out we had both liked each other for a long time and were trying to play it cool and be friends. We FINALLY made the connection and started dating. We spent the first three months long distance. Our dating relationship, unlike our friendship getting to that point, progressed very quickly and in January I moved out from Georgia to Portland.

On May 18th, Luke planned for us to re-do the hike we took together on our first date. We made a day of it and all the way to the top we talked about and reflected on our relationship, how quickly it had developed, and how it had surprised us. When we got to the top, while I was absorbed in the view, Luke got down on one knee and proposed. It's been a whirlwind journey, but Luke and I believe all our history and all our missed connections prepared us to be in the place for our relationship to develop so quickly and got us to where we are today- excited for our future together and the adventure ahead.

Out of Town

For your convenience, we have reserved rooms at the Hyatt Place at Cascade Station. Open this page, enter your arrival and departure dates, click "check availability", click "special rates", click "corporate or group code", enter G-CH10. Rooms will be held until September 4th.

One thing Portland is great at is public transportation. For ease of travel we suggest staying in Portland somewhere along the MAX system's Red Line, which goes from the airport through downtown, or at Cascade Station by the airport. From there, it is easy to get most places by walking or utilizing the MAX rail or TriMet bus system. The easiest navigation method is the "transit" option on your phone's maps app. This makes finding food and activities much more easily accessible. The drive from the airport to The Old Schoolhouse is about an hour.

Public Transportation Apps: iPhone Bus schedule app: PDX Bus, Android bus schedule app: Trimet Go, Bus tickets app: TriMet Tickets

Places We Love to Eat in Portland: Pips Original Doughnuts, Stumptown Coffee, Por Que No, PaaDee, The Country Cat, Trinket, Salt and Straw, Tabor Tavern, Pine Street Market

Our Favorite Places in Portland: Forest Park, Laurelhurst Park, Baghdad Theater, Powell's Books, The Grotto

Places to See Within 1-2 Hours of Portland: Oregon Coast/Cannon Beach, Mount Hood, Multnomah Falls